SHINee Talks About Love


5 member group SHINee honestly talked about love. On KBS Cool FM “Maybee” SHINee members talked about love.
DJ Maybee asked Onew,”If your girlfriend was mad/pissed off at you, how would you make her feel better?” He answered,”I would sing to her to make her feel better.” He sang K. Will’s ‘Teardrops are Falling.’

DJ asked Jonghyun,”What do you think of older girlfriends?” He answered,”In love, I don’t care about anything (age).” He also said,”I don’t care if she’s 12 years older than me (basically older than him). This made the staff nunas all happy(?).

DJ asked Key,”What would you do if your girlfriend had a fashion disaster and came out to meet you?” He answered,”We would go shopping together and I would buy everything she wants.”
Minho was asked,”What if you found out that your girlfriend was talking/flirting (showing interest) to your best friend?” Minho answered,”I would tell her to stop talking to him because she has me.”
Finally the DJ asked Taemin,”What if your parents didn’t approve your girlfriend? What would you do?” He answered,”I would use egyo (cuteness) and nag all day. This made the people laugh.

SHINee is promoting their song, ‘Juliette’.

credit: stalkingfraud@soompi

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  1. princess nicole

    ……..I’m sure that ONEW will suceed on him to make her girlfriend feel better!!…….

    …….I hope ONEW is mine!!……

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