BoA Exposed on Fox’s Hit Dance Show

BoA fans all over the world were surprised and ecstatic when Fox’s hit dance show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ contestant Asuko Kondoh danced to ‘Did Ya’ for her 30 second solo last June 12. Thanks to Asuko’s great choice of music, the song has garnered much attention and is doing immensely well on iTunes just hours after the show ended. This short clip will hopefully help boost BoA‘s popularity and singing career in the US.

In another news, a music video for BoA’s next single ‘Energetic’ has been shot already though no exact details have been released yet. The video was set in Los Angeles and actually took 13 hours to shoot. Looking forward to that.

Meanwhile, catch BoA as she headlines this year’s San Fracisco Pride event on June 28th. She’ll be performing for 20 minutes starting at 4:35PM PST.

credit: Slymekun@YT + BoAjjang

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