SHINee’s Message to Fans


From: Onew
Hello ^^ This is SHINee‘s leader, Onew!
We have finally come back. ^^
Together with our 2nd mini album!! Haha…
I really missed you all during the 4 months we were on break~
I wanted to stand on the stage so much and was impatient..
And our first exciting broadcast.. ^^

The emotions after our first broadcast…was really
It leaves me speechless, hehe
Thank you to all the fans who are always watching over SHINee ^^
In order to show an even better side in the future !
I will always work hard ^^

SHINee World good……………………….!

From: Taemin
Hello, this is SHINee‘s maknae Taemin~^^*
It’s been a long time since I last left an Iple message.
First of all, thank you very much!! ^^;;;
We got 1st place right after our 1st performance on Music Bank..
We really couldn’t believe it!! (So touched..ㅠ_ㅠ)

Everyone wants to see us, right??
We’ve wanted to stand on stage for the longest time, too..
We will become the contemporary band SHINee
That will always work hard, grow, and show new sides
Please watch over us.. ^^;;;

SHINee!! SHINee World fighting^^!!!!

From: Jonghyun

This is Bling Bling Jonghyun-
How long has it been since I’ve left a message!!
It’s nice to see everyone~!
I want to thank everyone first of all~
I’m very sorry for not thanking you all because I was too busy crying really hard.
I never would have imagined we would be 1st at our comeback stage.
I’ll take it as a sign to continue working hard in the future and do my best! ^^
We, SHINee, have come back with Juliette~~
Please give us lots of love~
Let’s run again without stopping!

From: Minho
Hello~ This is SHINee‘s flaming charisma, Minho!
We have finally come back to the stage..
And because of everyone’s cheers and love, we’ve received a very great gift~
Thank you for giving us a gift greater than any other!

I will show an better better side of myself on stage~
Please continue to cheer us on and I will become a harder working Minho.
Thank you!

SHINee world is the best!

From: Key
Hello! This is SHINee‘s almighty key, Key!
First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone~
You’ve embraced us with the honor of being 1st at our comeback and I’m 100% touched.
‘ -‘*… Everyone’s been tired of waiting, right~?
We will cheer everyone up~♡

Everyone has listened to SHINee‘s ‘Juliette’, right~?
Isn’t it so good?ㅠㅠ It’s because our Jonghyun hyung wrote it..‘ -‘*

As I promise to work hard in order to show only good songs, good dances, and good things!
I will take my leave.‘ -‘*

Oh, right! What has everyone been listening to lately~? I want to know!
Please put it up on our official homepage bulletin.
Then, bye~ Bbabbai~‘ -‘*

credits: kimchi hana@soompi (trans) + shineesmtown + bestiz

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