Minho’s Secret to Passing the SM Audition


Popular idol group SHINee‘s Minho spoke about the secret to passing his SM audition.

On the Star Golden Bell episode that will air on the 13th, SHINee returned with “Juliette” and since then, they have already won the number one spot on Music Bank. In the show, SHINee moved the hearts of all of the female guests.

On the show, Minho spoke about how he passed the SM audition. Minho said, “On the day of the audition, the tester told us to make a sad and depressing facial expression. When I was concentrating on the emotions, I suddenly laughed. Afterwards, I heard that the tester liked my facial expressions and because of that, I was able to pass my audition.” After saying this, Minho shyly laughed again.

credits: amourette@soompi (trans) + newsen

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