Junsu on Growing up with Mom


On a concert during the 30th and 31st of May, Junsu’s parents went to the venue to give their fully recovered son support.

The staff said that when the performance on the 30th had ended, Junsu wished to have a meal with his parents. However, Junsu’s mother kindly rejected by saying “You still have a performance tomorrow so don’t mind us too much today and take a proper rest. Although we couldn’t meet these few days but it would be wasteful if you lose time to rest for the sake of us.”

Afterwards Junsu never saw his parents however while on the phone with his mother, he was very caring and asked his mother questions like: “Which song did you like?”, “Did you lose your way like a little kid while walking down the streets?”, “How’s your body?” His friend also said that Junsu has been the kind of person who cares and misses his mom ever since young. He also mentioned that before this (T/N: They never stated, so I would think it would mean his debut), Junsu’s mother re-read the diary written by Junsu while he was in primary school. In it wrote the times when his mother’s body was not well. He also wrote, using influent words, about how he wished for a quick recovery for his mother. His mother cried after reading it.

Junsu joined a dancing group when he was 12 and this was also due to his mother’s large influence.

“When Junsu’s mother was young, her goal was to become a singer and thus, she has rather strong vocals. She realized her son’s talent very early and trained him in the performing arts since young. However, when Junsu started breaking his voice, he was unable to reach high notes but his mother would not give up and taught him how to breathe and some vocal tricks by herself”, said one of his friends, “Junsu did not have alot of free time due to his continual trainings and when his mother recalls all this, she has mixed feelings. When her son had reached a certain age, his mother told him that he had to choose his friends properly since he has a goal of becoming a top artist/idol. ‘Now that I think about it, I seem to have stolen the joy that he should have felt as a youth’ ”

Source: [baidutvxq.com]

Translations: thesexy-orange@iscreamshinki.net

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