Fanboy Confesses to Liking Jonghyun…A Lot


I’m A Guy But I Like SHINee‘s Jonghyun. What do I do? T_T

First of all, let me tell you that I’m the same age as Jonghyun and I’m a guy. When SHINee first came on TV, I really hated them as much as an anti would..they couldn’t sing and they were ugly. But…my dongsang hated them at first too..but one day !! said that they liked SHINee. Right now they are a total fan of SHINee. They were a Jonghyun fan. They’d have SHINee as their background. Ask for money to buy their album. Really. I thought that they’d get over it. One day I saw videos of SHINee in my dongsang’s folder. They were of Jonghyun. I thought, “Wow he sings good.” My friends would be talking about SHINee and then suddenly talk about Taemin and I would end up paying attention to the conversation. I still do the same when I hear about SHINee. I thought, “Really? Nahh.” but all of a sudden I started perking up at Jonghyun’s name. I’d secretly go on Naver and look him up. I watched a program where SHINee came on with my dongsang and I thought they were so cool. That day, I was wowed by their charm. I’m not joking, it’s for real..keke. They always talked about ‘hyunyoohyunmin’ so I searched it and found that it was Onew, Taemin, and Jonghyun mixed together. I got kind of jealous even though it was between guys. Do I need to go to the hospital? It’s not like I just like him, I like him alot keke. I like Jonghyun hyung. Sometimes I even get jealous with my dongsang liking him. I don’t like him, I love him alot. What do I do? All my friends like SNSD. My guy friends say they like Wonder Girls but I’m too embarrassed to say I like Jonghyun hyung..and instead of pretty girls. I’ve been more interested in guys these days. I must really love guys. What do I do? On TV and on the computer, there are a lot of pictures of gays. I always thought how guys could love each other and that it was disgusting but I love a guy…At times I even think that I’m disgusting. What do I do. I also want to know what everyone else thinks. Do you guys think gays are disgusting?..T_T I’m being really serious..T_T Please reply T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T And this was my dongsang’s idea T_T

People replied back & said things like:
“Don’t worry. Jonghyun has alot of male fans too”
“They said Jonghyun has the most male fans.”
“Well Jonghyun is quite the sexy guy.”

Now this just made my day. LOL

credits: Naver + hyerimii@soompi (trans)


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13 responses to “Fanboy Confesses to Liking Jonghyun…A Lot

  1. Minhee

    You don’t have to be embarrass that you like Jonghyun because I know there are many of guys in the world that like Jonghyun too.

  2. Bong Quisha

    Jonghyun has lotsss of male fans.&liking a guy is nothing to be ashamed of! I mean, there’s realy nothing wrong with liking the same gender. It’s not like you wake up in the morning choosing to like a guy, right? It just occurs to you naturally that your attracted to guys!

  3. Dude you are so awesome for admitting this!

    And I’m female and I like a lot of female idols! It’s all good! (loves Park Bom from 2ne1 and Nicole from Kara)

  4. I just need to make this clear to you.
    If u like Jonghyun as an idol in a way
    like.. u want his style and how he sings,
    theres nothing wrong with it.
    But if ur inlove with him you must be a gay,
    and there nothing wrong with it.
    Like me.. Im a guy and I prefer watching boybands
    than girlbands..but seriously Im not gay.
    I just like Jonghyun and thats it.
    I actually like korean guy in general because
    they are not afraid of being different in any ways..
    like… they act cute, dance, sing, wearing femy clothes, & wearing skinny jeans.

    For me, theres nothing wrong if u loving ur same kind/gender or be different from others.

  5. Mika~

    Aww man. I feel so sorry for this dude since he sounds like he’s having such a hard time… He sounds so sad… I bet he can’t read my comments, but if he does: Don’t worry about it. Jonghyun’s a cool guy and it’s totally understandable to fall in love with his celebrity persona. However, you should probably keep in mind that Jonghyun’s a celebrity… And this piece of advice goes for all fangirls that have fallen in love with him too… But, you know what, nothing’s wrong with being gay. 🙂

  6. Gee

    Don’t worry!! I am in love with Jonghyun too and I’m a guy also 🙂 I’m not afraid to tell my good friends! I can see why you like him, he’s good-looking and he great singing voice and dancing. Well I am bi xD but yeah just tell your friends you admire Jonghyun. It’s okay to sound like that~(:

  7. Jonghyunlover

    omg you are so awesome for admitting that you like jonghyun. you don’t have to think that you are disgusting. you can tell it your friends and when they don’t like it then they are not as god as you thought they were. i love jonghyun too by the way i am a girl but that doesn’t matter. boy or girl you can not control who yor are falling in love. when you are interestet yor can write me an email maybe we can talk about jonghyun( and maybe it’s strange but i like guys who likes guys hihi i am a little fangirl ) don’t worry and keep it up

  8. Kamaru004

    I can totally relate…

  9. Rosheen

    Its really not a big deal. Its not like you’re going to be in a relationship with him, you like him for his style and talent. There’s nothing wrong with that. You could also like SNSD for instance, and Jonghyun! In my case, I really admire IU, I liked her from the start. I think shes cute and mature, but it doesn’t mean I’m actually gay, I just like her style and her talent…and I like guys only! Jonghyun has the most male fans, because he is just someone people can sometimes relate to the best. I think more males should like male idols more rather than girl idols, because there are guys that girls adore! Ask yourself what qualities do these guys have, that girls are so attracted to? girls love fanboys! ^_^ you’re just unique in that way, that you prefer style/talent rather than just pretty faces. Don’t worry about what your friends think… hmm, I think its better to find some SHINee fans so you can talk about him more comfortably!

  10. El

    Awww I’m Just Walkbloging and Found This Site . .Seriously I SALUT to You !!! Jjong is Just Awesome !! Keep Your Heart To Like Him 🙂 You are So damn Great Fans (y),jonghyun fanboy 🙂

  11. Im a guy and I really” a fan of him .. 😀
    maybe we should be friends .. ahahha 😀

  12. SHINeeBlinger99


  13. Lazaro

    It’s totally fine I love Onew like A lot! And Im a boy xD

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