What’s Up With Yesung’s Hair?


Evil stylist who’s probably responsible for Kangin’s grey hair has apparently gotten her evil hands on Yesung’s hair.

Super Junior‘s crack dancer is now sporting a new hairstyle that not only looks like somebody poured flour on his head but also makes him look like he’s competing with Kangin for the role of resident ajusshi in the group.

Yesung’s two-tone hair color makes his previous flaming head looks so much tamer and way better. And to think I had a hard time getting used to that orange hair and now this?

Somebody please fire that stylist before she gets her hands on my Eunhyuk’s hair.



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4 responses to “What’s Up With Yesung’s Hair?

  1. every shape of Yesung’s oppa hair are very very okay. but not with the colors T.T
    poor him~
    bring back my magnetics Yesung oppaaaaaaa~

  2. dina yesung

    no really ru all nuts yesung oppa is not okay with all his hair styles he’s amazing and perfect in all his hair styles he has the best scence of style ever and he’s obviously not imitating kangin oppa it’s tooooooo diffrent but people who don’t know or love yesung won’t understand that he looked amazing and sooooooo cute and the blone hair and orange perfect sarang hae yo oppa

  3. i really like to color my hair and i would love to try different hair colors specially auburn .:-

  4. Pibbot

    Lol. Oh, Yesung! It looks awful. Somebody need to fire that stylist asap.

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