SHINee, “We have never dated anyone.”


SHINee, the group who stole all of the noona’s hearts away with their hit song “Noona, You’re So Pretty” is making their comeback. With other hits such as ‘Love Like Oxygen” and “AMIGO”, SHINee swept up all of the newcomer awards at the end of last year. Since their debut, SHINee has now gained much more influence in the music industry.

The members themselves have also changed a lot. Their average age is still not yet legal, averaging out to be just 18.2 years old. The youngest members of the group, Minho (18) and Taemin (16) are still growing, and Key has also grown a lot. Taemin also became a high school student.

“When we were on our break, we did a lot of overseas activities. When we went to Thailand, we even saw 50 year old female fans! During this break, we were able to get recharged and tried our best to improve ourselves in all aspects.”

In April, the members were busily recording their new album. When they were just starting their comeback activities, Onew dislocated his front teeth after returning to their dorm after practice. The album that was to be released on the 21st had to be pushed back to the 25th.

“Though we were extremely worried about his injury, we also saw it as a good thing. During this period, we were able to practice even more in order to show our most handsome stage. ” During this time, SHINee has also gained more fans and sold many albums that garnered great reviews. They were even competing with Super Junior for the 1st and 2nd place for the most amount of CDs sold.

This album’s concept is ‘Romeo and Juliet’. With a strong beat, this contemporary dance song also includes romantic lyrics. Despite this, when asked “Did this member ever fall in love/date anyone?”, the answer is surprising.

Jonghyun, who wrote the lyrics to the song, explains that he has never dated anyone and only wrote the lyrics based on the emotions seen in the movie. Including Jonghyun, the other members also never dated anyone. Since the days of being an SM trainee to a singer, the members were only preoccupied with practicing and never dated.

Having lived together in a dorm for one year, SHINee still sleeps in one room together. With two bunk beds and a single bed in the middle, the five members would sleep right near each other.

Since they spend so much time living and practicing together, explosive questions were asked. “Which member is the most unhygienic?”, “Which member sleep talks the most?”. Though these questions were asked, they were answered with very experienced/professional reponses. “Since we practice for a long time each day, our clothing will quickly become wet and sweaty. So after practicing, everyone would immediately shower, so there are no unhygienic members. And everyone sleep talks around the same level; while sleeping, we would sing songs and even have conversations!”

Maknae Taemin would always remember to wake up early in order to go to school. In school, the students are not only interested in Taemin’s life, but also in the lives of So Nyuh Shi Dae.

“I am able to feel the immense popularity of SNSD in school. My friends would always say, ‘SNSD is so pretty!’ or ‘You’re really close with SNSD, right?’ and would be jealous of me. Though they believe that since we are from the same company, then we must see each other a lot, this is not true. As we are all busy with our own activities, we actually rarely see each other.”

credit: amourette@soompi


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9 responses to “SHINee, “We have never dated anyone.”

  1. Junko

    i would love to be in taemin’s class!!! xD
    too bad i’m 2 years older… >D
    darn you age! lol~
    bu this is expected~
    SM maks you train for 3 years? or two years before debut so~ ^^;;
    o well~~ at least they are 100% pure! LOL!

    thanks or sharing~ ^^

  2. Bong Quisha

    REALY? SNSD and SHINee barely see? Then I guess if I were to get accepted, then we would barely see! Then sheeit, no point in only focusing on being accepted as a trainee by SM! JYP, J TUNE, DSP, YG, Here I come!!! 😀

  3. Indri

    if i could i want to be jonghyun inspiration for the next album…

    Miss you, Love you

  4. Indri

    if i could i want to be jonghyun inspiration for the next album…

    Miss you, Love you

    Your little
    Secret admire

  5. ieykaONEW

    is onew had a girlfriend ? hurmm .
    hopes not (;

  6. lee

    they never date anyone..?????
    my prince jong hyun…..
    my love is more and more to you

  7. Mika~

    Lol… Am I the only one who doesn’t believe that SHINee didn’t have girlfriends (even at this time)? I guess they’re busy and all… but… I totally think they’ve had girlfriends… during their trainee days, and maybe even now as a celebrity. lol they probably just can’t say anything about it… O_o

    • Nicky

      lol Korean guys are pretty innocent you know & they’re not too fussy about relationships or get girlfriends early like the Westerns, esp if they are idols. I believe them if they said they haven’t dated, it didn’t even surprise me; I’ve never dated anyone either and I’m 17, I’m very innocent too, I prefer not to date anyone right now. haha

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