BoA to Have Collaborated with Timbaland


It has been rumored that BoA will be featured in Timbaland’s upcoming compilation album, Shock Value Volume 2. So far there has been two tracklists for the album floating around the net, and it appears that the one with BoA listed might be the more probable tracklist. Although Timbaland has denied the validity of many of the tracks reported, it has been confirmed that quite a few of the tracks and collaborations listed have been confirmed to exist! Here’s hoping that SM did something right. A feature on an album track is nice exposure for our hard working BoA.

In other news, BoA and Sean Garrett has confirmed “Energetic” will be their next single at the MTV VMAJ. In my opinion, its a little too early to be planning out the next single, as her current single, “I Did It For Love”, has it’s remixes and promos just released to radios and clubs. To be honest, “Energetic” is a little too close along lines of her previous two single releases for my taste. However, so was Lady Gaga’s first three US single releases, and many BoA fans have pointed our BoA has been pursuing her American takeover with a similar marketing strategy.

credit: Allkpop

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