Female SHINee to Debut

SM Entertainment ‘accordingly’ announced that it will debut a new girl group who is said to be the female version of SHINee. Crystal, the group’s name, will be “the crystals of the generation” because unlike other artists, none of them will go under the knife. Check out the pictures of the two members. They seem pretty enough.But no plastic surgery done at all? Hmm…


Anna Sun (1990) and Yoo Seung Yeon (1992)

Honestly, I don’t know if this news is true or just plain rumors. I’ve been reading a blog about updates on the SM trainees and the blogger seems to know a lot. Accordingly, the group’s original name was Sweet 4 U or S4U but they changed it later to Crystal because of concept issues. The girls have been preparing for the past 3 years now and and are expected to debut soon on late July or early August. Hmm…don’t you think it’s too soon?

Here’s an entry from the blog:

SM Entertainment said that they will not release group pictures of the girls so that the people will be surprised for the concept.  They have revealed S4U’s concept, but they thought so that it will be a disaster. Mr. Park, the manager said ” We will erase or delete any information about the S4U girls. Currently, the girls are recording their debut album that will be released on late July or early August.

On the interview, the group leader, Lee Nara, also known as Lara said “We went on a very different training system compared to SNSD and The Grace’s since our trainors are from U.S. We worked hard as trainees for more than 3 years as a group and we will work even harder as a singer. We will also work in variuos fields in entertainment industry as this is the unique capability of SM talents, being all-rounders. Please support our group.”

Sun Anna, one of the 2 follow-up members staed her happiness in joining the group. “I was so surprised when Manager Park summoned me and Seng Yeon. We were suprised that we will be debuting. Though we were not able to train with Lara, DaEun and DoYeon for long, we have been together for years already. Please support our group.”

Yoo Seung Yeon, the other new member said that she will be the female version of Minho or Key. She is not yet sure of her pair but she said it is between Key and Minho. She also mentioned about The Grace’s Lina for being mentor while she was still a trainee. She hopes to see her fans soon.

The blog also made mention of another girl group ‘White Angel’ that has yet to debut. Apparently, the leader is no other than Krystal Jung, younger sister of SNSD member Jessica.

Another entry from the blog:

Early this year, SM started the girl group craze be sending out SNSD or Girls’ Generation. Later, they slowly introduced their girls to the mass. First is the S4U, having the craze of 2 Filipino members which were later confirmed as fiction statement. Week after, they introduced 2 more trainees alongside with the 3 S4U members, building the group named as CRYSTAL. But, there are also problems like White Angels. Having Kim Yeh-jin, Park Sun-young, Krystal Jung , Yu Seung-yeon, and Hur Han-mi.

According to Mr. Park, SM is still deciding to who will debut first. If CRYSTAL won’t win this time, then they will have a pre-debut appearances for the whole year long if ever they will be set to debut next year, but if not, they will have to train and prepare for their whole year debut the following year. Currently, Lara had a back injury due to her intense preparations and since there have been showdwons held to who shall debut, she has been into training since she is the leader of the group. We are worried that this might cause the delay of their 3-5 years of training nd their anticipated debut. If WHITE ANGELS won’t win, then the CRYSTAL will be set on debut. The debut is set to be on the late July it’s because of the said showdwon of the 2 rookies.

Mr. Park also said that their disadvantages are the experiences of WHITE ANGELs. Though DoYeon their youngest had a brief exposal last 2005 with BoA in MKMF 2005, it’s not worth it. He also said that Stella Kim was supposedly to join, but she refused to accept the offer. Stella was their supposed to be advantage because of her all-round talent…

If indeed SM is going to debut a new girl group this year, then they have our support. ButI just think it’s too soon. People are just starting to appreciate SNSD and also, with this new group, it might take a while for the comeback of other SM artists.

But then it’s always nice when there’s a new addition to the SM family. The more the merrier, as they say. But still…I don’t know. What do you guys think?

Read this blog for more updates on the trainees.

credit: sm90jookim@wordpress + allkpop
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4 responses to “Female SHINee to Debut

  1. Gorjess

    I notice that SM has this tradition of debuting a new group every year. So this news might be true. Next year, it’ll probably be a boy group.

  2. taekey143

    Oh I didn’t know this. But there’s no news about the girls right? We don’t know anything about them. It’s too soon for them to debut this July I think.

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  4. MCE


    sorry i know you already know but i got bored so i wrote that

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