BoA at Video Music Awards Japan 2009

This year’s Video Music Awards Japan was held at Saitama Super Arena last May 30 and today’s big Korean artists,  BoA, DBSK and Big Bang, were invited to grace the show.

BoA performed her latest single ‘I Did it for Love’ for the first time with her album producer Sean Garrett. As expected, it was an awesome performance and surprisingly the two has great chemistry on the stage. They look like they were having fun and got the audience all hyped up. They totally rocked it.


BoA and Garrett also confirmed during an interview at the Red Carpet that the next single off her first US album will be Energetic. Let’s just pray this will do well on the charts.


Unfortunately, DBSK was no where in action. Their MV for Mirotic which was nominated for ‘Best Group Video’ also lost to Exile with the MV ‘Ti Amo’.

credits: Rockwithme192 @BoAjjang + ftr225rr @YT + Kbites

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