Super Ajusshis on Star King


The cool Korean Airline employees who rose to fame because of their parody of Super Junior‘s Sorry Sorry will be seen performing the hit song again on Star King. The episode has been recorded already and will probably air next week.

Fan Account:

“…then the next people to come on stage left us screaming lol a lot of fans must have seen, the employees of korean air dancing to <sorry sorry>~ though the eleven of them weren’t dancing the exact moves, but you could see that they had practiced really hard. once they appeared on stage they immediately danced to <sorry sorry>, & the eight suju members were happily watching, yesung was laughing very happily, maybe cos one of the employees moves were very cute~ the leader of the group is a section head & hodong ahjusshi asked which member of suju was he playing, & the section head said “leader eeteuk”~ eeteuk then ran to hug the section head~ hodong then asked who he is (pointing to shindong) & the section head correctly answered shindong, then asked who was sitting to the left of eunhyuk, the section head said he liked eunhyuk the most~ lol eunhyuk was really happy & ran to hug him~

Hodong again asked who was sitting to the right of shindong, the section head asked hangeng, “you didn’t go to china?” lol the section head was really good, he recognized everyone~ then hodong intentionally pointed to yesung & said that he was a 2PM member, & said a whole bunch of things, the section head still said yesung’s name, yesung was really touched~ keke when asked the rest who was playing which suju member, one ahjusshi said he was playing kangin. eeteuk said, “how come they all look like shindong’s dad?” & shindong said “i also feel like that look like my dad” lol then hodong said that the eleven ahjusshideul still prepared another dance, to dance along with suju, & we were saying if it would be ‘Nohrago’ when the first notes started the whole place went crazy lol…”

original: 搁浅云 @ 赫海的宝石海—H2
translation credits: fragment @

For those who haven’t seen the parody, here you go:

Another video of them performing in front of ‘fans’. LOL

credits: clarayoon158 + ihcasnek + baidu + 16candl3s@sj-world

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One response to “Super Ajusshis on Star King

  1. leuqlovesj

    oh my…. that’s what i the first time i thought since i saw their parody of sorry sorry…. i thought they should appear on star king…. oh my gosh… so happy about it… looking forward…. thanks

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