Onew, “We are not newcomers anymore”


SHINee has just recently released their new mini-album ‘ROMEO’ on the 25th with the new concept of ‘Romeo & Juliet’ in mind. The title song ‘Juliette’ also contains a special meaning: SHINee is Romeo and their fans are Juliet. Therefore, this new album is a gift from Romeo to his most beloved Juliet.

The album’s songs are mapped out as a story that is similar to ‘Romeo & Juliet’. SHINee explains, “If you look at the tracklist, you will realize that the whole album actually tells a story. Starting from the first song, the content of each song resembles ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

From the boy and girl’s first meeting (Talk to You), the boy confesses that he will ‘give up his soul for her’ (Juliette). But the couple suddenly has a fight with each other (Hit Me Baby). The girl leaves and the boy becomes depressed because of his newfound loneliness (Senorita). The boy tries his hardest to beg the girl not to leave (Please, Don’t Go), but their story ends as tragically as Romeo & Juliet’s (Romeo + Juliette).

After Jonghyun watched Olivia Hussey’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’, he wrote the lyrics to the title song, “Juliette”. He says, “I wanted a love story that was recognizable to everyone, and at the time, I had just finished watching ‘Romeo & Juliet’. So in my lyrics, I tried to incorporate the beautiful language that was in the movie.”

Ever since debut, SHINee has captured the hearts of noonas everywhere. Onew says, “On Rose Day, we went around to many places to give out roses in order to promote our new album. At the time, I was really happy that so many women screamed for us in the streets.”

In just a year, SHINee has had many hit songs and won numerous awards. By dressing in really colorful clothing and singing different genres of songs, SHINee‘s image is deeply embedded in the audience’s minds.

On their first year anniversary, Onew said, “We are not newcomers anymore. Now is the time for SHINee to create their own image and place in the industry. After debut, we have experienced many new things. Even though our voices, dances, and fashion sense has improved, we are still not satisfied.”

The members currently live in an apartment with 4 bedrooms. But everyone still sleeps together in one room with bunk beds. They originally decided to sleep in the same room in order to build up their team unity, but now the members say that if they do not sleep together in the same room, then it feels really strange.

Key also insisted, “Although our personalities and habits are different, everyone is able to learn a lot from everyone else. Instead of saying that we are good friends, we should be a called a family instead. We are a family.


credits: amourette@soompi (translation) + yonhap


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2 responses to “Onew, “We are not newcomers anymore”

  1. Ct_OnDubuFishy

    I like of them so much!^^ n offcourse my dubu,,,

  2. Ct_OnDubuFishy

    I like them so much!^^ n offcourse my dubu,,,

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