Kyuhyun’s Fancafe Message – 3rd Year Anniversary


13 Members..
3rd album..
3 letters : E.L.F , haha.

Hmm… how meaningful can number 3 be?

I have been busy with work. In the blink of an eye, 3 years has past.

A few days ago, someone told me :
” Oppa, in a few days, it’s your 3rd year anniversary, it’s also my 3rd year anniversary! ”
” Kyuhyun, it’s going to be your 3rd year anniversary, do you have any special programs? ^^ ”

Looking at fans who said something like this to me, I kept thinking what’s wrong with them?
Ahh… they were the people who became my fans after i debuted!
Oh my, Super Junior has debuted for about 3 and a half years, making me think that I have debuted for more than 3 years too!
I have always been thinking wrongly. Haha.

Ah…. nevertheless, now I can say proudly that I am a singer which has debuted for 3 years, and had released 3 albums!
Compared to anything, this makes me the happiest. When it was my 2nd anniversary, I still felt like a kid.
Isn’t number 3 very powerful? Hahaha. I think I am the only one who thinks that way..

I am really very busy nowadays, I don’t have time to play my favourite game now! Haha.

*Anyway! “Sorry Sorry” ended its promotions after having received lots of love… the next song It’s You also recieved everyone’s love. I really feel very happy!
Even though i’m very tired, these things make me very happy everyday!
Because happy things are able to wash off all the fatigue, so I have always been really happy.

Of course, there are happy things like these because of you E.L.Fs! Of course I know that!
Frankly speaking, the existence of the fans to me, or to the members is something that we can rely on.
Especially being on stage looking at the Sapphire blue ocean, I feel greatly moved, until my heart almost jumped out.
It’s like Eunhyuk hyung’s ” Oh Oh only for you” part, when his chest looks like it’s about to burst open. Hahaha.
Okay, no more jokes.
I’m not very good at expressing myself. When everyone called my name, I felt really happy, but I do not know how to express my happiness..
I can’t be like the other members, who have glib tougues that can make others happy.
But, the Kyuhyun from Super Junior, has one talent that is recognized by everyone, his singing skills. Although I don’t know how far more can we go, but just like silently standing at a place guarding these 3 years, I will be someone who will stand at the same place smiling, and also someone who will passionately sing and dance for all of you. (?)

Fans who will be with me for another 3 years, or even forever : I love you all ^^ I wish all of you a happy day!

credits: ONLYSJ13 + aekyu Fancafe + (trans from chin-eng)

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