Super Junior Selected as Kyochon Chicken’s New Models


Korea’s chicken franchise Kyochon F&B Company and HanRyu star Super Junior have signed modeling contract.

This time, the 12 Super Junior members who have signed the contract will model in all sorts of Kyochon advertisements and CFs in the future, as well as taking on the roles of being Kyochon’s ambassadors.

In the past, Kyochon F&B had had world stars Rain, Shinhwa, Lee Junghyun and more as models, being the first in the chicken industry to only use big stars as models.

Kyochon F&B’s person-in-charge reveals the reason being “Not only in Korea, but in China and overseas, Super Junior has gain popularity with a premium image of HanRyu stars. This fits the high profile image of Kyochon, who leads the chicken industry in Korea. Also, being HanRyu stars, they will be able to help greatly in promoting Kyochon internationally”.

Thus, for the CF that will be broadcasted in July, Super Junior will start filming the CF and photoshoot next month.

Source: Sisaseoul
Credits: Nanazhou @ 海世代
Translated from both Kr & Chi by:

12 members only? Guess Kibum’s too busy to be bothered with this.

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