Sukira Segment Transcripts 090515-090521

1. Teacher’s Day
Eunhyuk: Today is teacher’s day, the teachers that have taught me previously always appear in my mind. If not for this occasion, I wouldn’t even remember to contact them.
Leeteuk: You only think of your teachers on teacher’s day?
Eunhyuk: Yeah, this isn’t very good….. Leeteuk, which teacher are you thinking of now?
Leeteuk: There are many, I still keep in touch with them, and when I go back home, sometimes I will visit them. But there was a teacher that treated me quite badly, my impression of him is very strong. I really don’t want to remember him, but the way he treated me was just too horrible!
Eunhyuk: Now, thinking about it, do you still miss him?
Leeteuk: …… No. Because he was biased towards me, he always felt that being a trainee, I wouldn’t succeed in my studies, my life was worthless, I was a bad child, and he always felt that way. Finally, when he wasn’t teaching me, he apologized to me, saying that he wanted to break his prejudices against me, and hoped that I would continue to work hard, and fulfill my dreams, and he walked off like that.

2. The Pains of Being Sick
Leeteuk: If anyone of us falls sick, and the members are all out with their schedules, we’re left alone lying in the dormitory. There really is some sort of fearful feeling. Lying there thinking of calling someone, but there is nobody around.
Eunhyuk: As an artiste, we must always maintain a lucid image, so if we fall sick we cannot work, it’s really very sad. Especially because there’s no one to take care of you, and the members have no idea, it’s very unbearable.

3. Leeteuk’s Coming of Age Day KISS

Leeteuk: When I was 20 and spending my coming of age day, it really was a depressing day. That day after training ended, the trainee fans gave me roses and perfume, but I didn’t receive the most important present. (Note: In Korea, on one’s coming of age day, people usually give roses, perfume and a KISS as a present)
Eunhyuk: What was the most important thing? KISS?
Leeteuk: No, it differs from person to person…..
Eunhyuk: Somehow, it’s the KISS.
Leeteuk: On the bus on my way home, I searched my phone book, I was thinking it would be better to call my Noonas (girls that are older).
Eunhyuk: Just because of a KISS?
Leeteuk: It’s coming of age day, whatever it is, you have to leave a good memory. So I called my noonas asking what they were doing, 2 of them said they were at home.
I went downstairs asking for a present from them: “Noona, I’ve become of age, give me a present.”
She took one look at me holding the roses and perfume in my hands, and left like that……
Eunhyuk: She left like that? She’s so boring.

4. Men’s Shoe Sizes
Eunhyuk: My shoe size is the men’s average of 165, ah no its size 265…..
Leeteuk: 165? 265! I usually wear a smaller size 260 because it looks better, the most appropriate is still size 265. When I was in junior high, Hip-hop pants were trendy, my waistline was 38, 40, that time my shoe size reached over 300.
Eunhyuk: My highest record was wearing size290.
Leeteuk: It is better for people to wear the appropriate size, I feel uncomfortable when I wear smaller sizes.
Eunhyuk: Yeah, you can’t wear those that are too big, you can’t wear those that are too small.
Leeteuk: Sungmin’s feet are very small, 250?
Eunhyuk: Sungmin…… Around there, 250
NOTE: Korean Shoe Sizes are measured in millimeters

5. Leeteuk is Sick Again

Leeteuk: Today, my throat hurt and my nose felt uncomfortable, so I made a trip to the hospital before being able to come here to do the program. I went to get an injection, the doctor said he was my fan so he cut me some slack.
Eunhyuk: Your great voice now has been injected from the injection, congratulations.

6. Eunhyuk Who Never Touches a Drop of Alcohol
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, you’ve never drank alcohol before, have you ever thought of trying a little?
Eunhyuk: I’ve completely never thought of it before, I feel that drinking it is useless, and I want to maintain this kind of nobility of not having drunk alcohol before.
Leeteuk: What if you need to drink to create the atmosphere?
Eunhyuk: Just substitute it with other beverages.

7. KTR’s Star Listeners
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, do you know that lately, many stars have been listening to the program. Xiah Junsu (A couple of days ago, a gag artiste was singing Mirotic on KTR, Xiah messaged Leeteuk saying “Hyung, Mirotic…… He sang really well……”) , Lee Hongki all sent messages, and there’s Davichi, SeeYa, SNSD…… etc
Eunhyuk: And many people we never imagined.
Leeteuk: Kim Youngwook (Idol Army MC)……
Eunhyuk: and Kim Won Hee (One of the Onlbam Ajummas)
Leeteuk: Any stars that are listening to the program now, please send us a message.
(After they finished playing SG Wannabe’s “I Love You”)
Leeteuk: The messages came immediately, SG Wannabe’s Seok Hun says he’s listening to the program now.
Eunhyuk: Yeah, lately Seok Hun and Kyuhyun have been very ambiguous.
Leeteuk: Both of them are close.
Eunhyuk: Previously, Kyuhyun told Seok Hyun he was Seok Hyun’s fan, both of them wanted to be close friends
Leeteuk: I was the one who match-made them
Eunhyuk: Oh? So they are dating?
Leeteuk: Erm…… On the 100 days anniversary, give me something good.

8. 50 Year Old Super Junior
Leeteuk: I think when Eunhyuk and I reach 50 years of age, others might say “Wow Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, both of you are already so old.”
But between us, we will maintain the image that we had when we knew each other in Junior High, and when we meet we will definitely say “Why haven’t you changed at all!”
Eunhyuk: That’s right, I definitely will not change.
Leeteuk: Yeah, 50, 60 year old grandpa.
Eunhyuk: At that time, we’ll still be cracking lame jokes.

9. Member’s Bodyguards
Eunhyuk: As artistes, we often have some bodyguards alongside us, when it rains, and we have go to the toilet in the middle of filming, the bodyguards will follow us to protect us, they even help us open doors, I really feel bad, we always say it’s okay, there’s no need to treat us so well…… It’s really pressurizing
Leeteuk: They hold up the umbrella, but we say loudly that it’s okay and run off, but they actually follow and run after us.
Eunhyuk: So now we just accept it, really thankful to them.
Leeteuk: In the past, there was once I went out on a drive by myself, and they were catching drunk drivers on the road. I was too bored, so I opened the window and said hi to the traffic officer. The traffic officer said “Isn’t this Leeteuk?!”, and I breathed into the breathalyzer before he let me go. I had nowhere else to go, so I did a u-turn and went back, said hi to him again, and did the test again before he let me go. Altogether I made 3 rounds, and they told me not to come back again.
Eunhyuk: Why do you keep turning here and there, making people feel tired……
Leeteuk: It’s fun.

10. New album recording?
Leeteuk: Today Sungmin, Shindong and I did a FREE HUG at the university.
Eunhyuk: Really? Today I was doing the recording, an album recording.
Leeteuk: I’ve recorded too.
Eunhyuk: Ah? You’ve recorded as well…….
Leeteuk: In the blink of an eye, it’s over.

source: Kimsohye (korean to chinese)
translation: –dreamx @ (chinese to english)

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