Yuri’s Secret to Clear Skin


On the upcoming episode of MBC’s ‘Change the World’ on May 23rd, in the most recent recording SNSD member Yuri revealed that, “I grind Ma (Chinese yam), and drink it”. Also Yuri learned from her father, “that milk with honey grinded in with apple is good for you if you drink it.”

Tiffany who is currently living together with Yuri at their residence revealed, “Every morning you can hear the blender mixing. Yuri is grinding and drinking her Ma (Chinese yam) by herself.” This made the cast surprised.


Yuri who recommended, “Since it’s good for your health drink a cup everyday” to Sun Wooyong who appeared together on the same recording, Sun Wooyong said, “Not everyone is meant to drink that. I drink NoolEunBap (Pouring water on top of the burned/scorched rice at the bottom of a pot) every morning.” This made everyone burst into laughter.

credits: osen + kimjihyee@soshified (trans)

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