Sukira Segment Transcripts 090508-090514

1. We Are Filial Sons!
Leeteuk: Today is parents’ day, Eunhyuk, have you given your parents any pocket money or presents recently?
Eunhyuk: Sigh….. I really didn’t do anything recently, last year, I still sent presents, but this year I didn’t even send anything….. How about you?
Leeteuk: I’ve always been giving them money, I deposit it in my mum’s account, and she’ll see it. Mum, you are listening to the program right? Heheheh. Eunhyuk, have you called your parents?
Eunhyuk: Of course, recently, I’ve been calling them often. My mum sometimes gets a shock. In the past, I just said that I would call often, but now I want to put it into practice.
Leeteuk: Really a filial son.
Eunhyuk: Hey, this is called filial piety. Sometimes when I call my mum, she would get a shock “Oh son! What made you think of calling?”
Leeteuk: A few days ago, our hair stylist asked me “Parents’ day is coming, what are you planning to give them?” In my sleepy state, I said “Aren’t I working hard and earning money……”
He said “That can’t really be considered as a present.”
I replied “It’s okay as long as it is pretty much the same thing……”
Eunhyuk: Sigh….. We should have at least sent a bundle of carnations.
Leeteuk: We’re too busy, we don’t have the time
Eunhyuk: Not being able to do this, my mind feels uneasy, so take it that I sent them……

2. Theme of the Soon To Be Released MV
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, have you been to a night club?
Eunhyuk: I’ve never ever been there before.
Leeteuk: I’ve only been there once. And there was recently, the commercial that I was filming to promote Seoul, it theme was “The King of Nightclubs.”
Eunhyuk: We take up the responsibility of creating the role of the main lead.
Leeteuk: We rented a night club, I danced Sorry Sorry for 6 hours
Eunhyuk: Goodness, I wouldn’t be surprised if you get sick of dancing it.
Leeteuk: Regardless if it’s a nightclub or a normal bar, I think I have visited them before, because men have to experience of visiting these places at least once.
Eunhyuk: Don’t make excuses, are you doing it because of the experience, or because you want to go there?
Leeteuk: ….. Somehow after going there, I find these kind of places don’t really suit me, I still prefer calm music, and not loud and noisy music…….

3. They Are Training Their Muscles?
Listener: Last year, Oppas said they were training their muscles for us to see, have you stopped training recently?
Leeteuk: Tsk, why are you looking down on us.
Eunhyuk: Actually, because of dancing, we temporarily stopped exercising, but recently, we’ve started…… again……
Leeteuk: Everyone, please wait, around August you will be able to see our Bruce Lee like figures, I am already 60% there at the moment.
Eunhyuk: Yours is so small, and its 60%? I really can’t tell.
Leeteuk: Now it’s already very incredible, I want to show everyone, but it’s better to keep it a secret. heheheh.

4. Leeteuk’s Tycoon Dreams
Leeteuk: Do you know what my childhood dream was?
Eunhyuk: Erm…… President?
Leetuk: It’s not the president, but to be born in a rich family….. Really, I seriously wished to be born in a rich family.
Eunhyuk: You had this dream before you were born?
Leeteuk: So being born in this kind of family, I still wanted to have fun with music, so I left home……
Eunhyuk: And your family objected……
Leeteuk: My family objected, saying I needed to succeed the corporation. But I continued to complain that I wanted to play music, and a group of secretaries would walk over and say “Master, you should go home and rest……”
Hehe, I really thought of a situation like this.
Eunhyuk: Are you kidding, or is everything true?
Leeteuk: It’s true.
Eunhyuk: My dream was to become a soccer player. When I was in primary school, the coach of the soccer team personally selected me, I played for about a year……. Ah, if it wasn’t a year, it was a couple of months. At that time my family’s financial situation was not very good, so they didn’t allow me to continue playing. The coach let me not pay any fees temporarily, and allowed me to continue playing. I played for a couple of months again, and I felt it was nothing much, so I left. If I had not given up at that time, I may be running together with Park Ji Sung on England’s green grass……
Leeteuk: You shouldn’t have left, the place you are sitting now really doesn’t suit you…..
Eunhyuk: But, now I’m also very happy, being a singer was a reasonable choice.

5. Donghae Abandoned Eunhyuk
Leeteuk: Recently, someone has always been finding fault with me.
Eunhyuk: Who?
Leeteuk: It’s Donghae, normally every day after KTR ends, we would go and exercise.
I said “You’re not doing programs, this would be very tiring.”
He said “Hyung! It’s only working out!”
Afterwards, we would go to the gym to use the machines. I had just finished a set and was getting ready to rest, the coach said: “Teuk! This is just the beginning stage!”
Beside me, Donghae would put in more effort, and the coach said “ Donghae, is your stamina enough?” Hearing this, I began to put in more effort.
Eunhyuk: Ahaha, really interesting, recently I’ve been exercising at home on my own, it’s tiring.
Leeteuk: Do you want to exercise together with us?
Eunhyuk: In future, when I’ve made some progress.
Leeteuk: Looking at you like this, you’re full of vigor.
Eunhyuk: Really romantic.

Source: Kimsohye (Korean to Chinese)
Translations: –dreamx @ (Chinese to English)

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