Nobody Wanted Eunhyuk in the Group


Super Junior members chose Eunhyuk to be the one that they dont want to be in the same team with most.

Super Junior will talk about the difficulties when making the 3rd album “Sorry sorry” and the good friendship among the members on June issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Super Junior members said that before debut, when were asked which member they dont want to be in the same team with, they all chose Eunhyuk. Leeteuk said “The first time time I saw Eunhyuk, it was said that if I want to debut in 3 months, I’d have to try so hard. People said he was very good at rap, dancing and had a lot of friends”

Eunhyuk talked about the awkwardness between him and some members in the group “Actually we are like that. In fact, I dont know/realize there had been awkward times between me and Heechul hyung. Of course now it’s no longer like that”

Also, the June issue of Cosmopolitan will reveal that among the members, between love and friendship, who will choose love.

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