BoA Steals Limelight in US


BoA, a South Korean pop star now active in the United States, is poised to take off in the United States, stealing the limelight as a promising singer.

BoA, 22, is scheduled to perform on the Main Stage of the San Francisco Pride to be held in San Francisco June 28 along with Solange Knowles, sister of Beyonce, a top American R&B singer, and local band Cliks.

The SF Pride’s Main Stage serves as a key conduit to introduce major, cutting-edge artists on the verge of stardom. During last year’s pride, Lady Gaga, who has been sweeping the Billboard Charts recently, headlined the Main Stage.

Entertainment analysts say the event will help BoA get a spotlight in the world’s largest album market. In fact, the Web site of the SF Pride introduces BoA as a singer who has enjoyed an extremely successful nine-year career in Asia.

In an effort to spur her U.S. activity, BoA, has signed a contract with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the No. 1 Hollywood entertainment agency.

Under the contract, within North America, CAA is representing the 22-year-old in all areas including music, film and merchandising. The agency is mulling a U.S. tour in the late second half of the year.

BoA released her U.S. album on March 17 amid high expectations that she will be able to reenact her success story in Japan in the United States.

credits: Korea Times

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