Heechul’s Special Love for Jo Sungmo


Super Junior Kim Heechul’s admiration to Jo Sungmo is special. Kim Heechul had played the piano in Jo Sungmo’s performance on SBS Inkigayo on May 3rd. Also, recently, Kim Heechul has changed all of his minihompy’s BGM (background music) into Jo Sungmo’s songs, hence show his special love to the sunbae singer.

Kim Heechul said in the waiting room of KBS Music bank on May 15th “I raise the dream of being a ballad singer when I see Sungmo hyung. I even bought 10 copies of Sungmo hyung’s 5rd album. I listened to the CD so many time that it even cracked”

Kim Heechul had signed a contract with SM and become a trainee in 2003. He said “I was into rock at that time. But my company is not about rock music so I had to find a way for my voice to sing ballad. At that time, Jo Sungmo hyungnim’s 5rd album “가인” (the singer) was released. I had listened to the title track “Piano” and practice” and “I can imitate Sungmo hyung, even his ad-lib”

Kim Heechul said “Recently, I went singing with Sungmo hyung and FT Island’s Hongki. On that day, I had sung Sungmo hyung’s hit songs in front of him and made him laugh”

Jo Sungmo said “(His) Tone is similar to me and the vocalism is almost the same since he studied mine. Recently, even our singing skill is similar” and “Miraculous, both our blood type is AB so although we havent known each other for a long time but we have been already close”

Jo Sungmo and Kim Heechul will be guests of “Shindong Kim Shinyoung’s simsim tapa” on May 25th.

credits: evanesco@sj-world.net (trans)

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