Super Junior’s 3rd Album Sells 215K Copies


Super Junior’s 3rd album ‘Sorry Sorry’ sold 75,319 copies online, 139, 851 copies offline, giving a total sales of 215,170 copies as of 15th May. They have sold more than 210,000 copies just 2 months after their comeback.

This made them the first artiste to sell over 200K album copies for this year, and best selling record of all Super Junior’s albums after 190K copies sold for their 2nd album in 2007.

The album is not only on best-seller chart in Korea but also in other countries like Taiwan and Thailand.

Super Junior said, “We are very happy and excited to have received so much love to release a new album as Super Junior after 1 year and 6 months. We are always thankful to our fans who are so supportive, and we will continue to work hard.”

source: Kbites

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