Leeteuk and his ‘Grab the Nape and Kiss Method’


Super Junior Leeteuk has gained all the attention when introducing his special way of kissing to all the beauties in the show “Global talk”

On the recent filming of KBS2TV “Global talk”, Leeteuk revealed “I’m going to grab my partner’s nape and kiss her”, hence it made everybody surprised.

Chanoknun Suriyamongkol who is from Thailand and admitted that she’s a fan of Leeteuk had wondered about the possibility of grabbing the nape thing. Therefore, Leeteuk had showed his own way of kissing with Chanoknun.

The whole studio were overflowed with shout of joy after that, although Chanoknun was in panic but she admitted truthfully “It feel so good~”, all the beauties said “Although Leeteuk’s method is tough but it’s OK”.

After seeing this, gagwoman Park Jiseon said “Leeteuk does have the special skill of knowing the other’s weak-point, doesnt he ?” and made people burst out laughing.

The show will be aired at 11.10pm on May 18th.

credits: newsen.com + evanesco@sj-world.net (translation)

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