Chinese Paparazzi Targets Hangeng


Super Junior’s Chinese member Hankyung is going through tough times because of the paparazzi after a Chinese daily reported about a passionate rumour on him on the 14th.

The Chinese reporter wrote “A paparazzi saw Hankyung’s Mercedes at one of the best Beijing’s high class restaurants, where Hankyung was seen sharing a secret meeting with an unidentified woman,” and “The two moved to Hankyung’s apartment, located in Beijing, at a late hour.”

Furthermore, the Chinese journalist added “The unidentified woman was approximately 24 years old, with a slim body, and very good looks, but she didn’t give off the celebrity vibe. At the time they went back, and were about to enter the apartment, Hankyung appeared to be tense.”

In relation to this, on April 15, a representative of Hankyung denied the incident over the phone with Newsen “It’s not the truth. Since Hankyung’s popularity in China is too high, way too many groundless passionate rumours get spread. The paparazzi following Hankyung closely throughout the day is worrisome.”

As for what concerns the passionate rumours, they said “It was Hankyung and his friend, along with his friend’s lover. However, they skillfully managed to make only Hankyung’s friend get cut out of the picture,” and “Distorted press by the paparazzi is causing Hankyung to have a hard time.“

In reference to Hankyung’s sufferings due to the price of fame, the Chinese journalist Dongnan Kuaibao said “Super Junior’s Hankyung’s high popularity happens to reflect in the continuous passionate rumours about him,” and “Now, just as a female star stands close by Hankyung, a passionate rumour is immediately started.”

credits: + La’MISS:fairy@SJ-WORLD.NET

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