Meet the Romeos


SM Entertainment has just released portrait shots of SHINee in their official website for their upcoming 2nd mini album Romeo. Also you can hear a ballad music playing in the background which could possibly be a preview of their newest single.

Check out the pics! The captions are the translation of the boys’ messages as you click on their pictures over the website.

Love, when you like someone, how sweet can it be?


Juliet, I will find you.


Love is coming?


In love, what can you do?


Your love is my reason, just wait.

I have to say that their concept for this mini album is quite unique and interesting what with the masks and strange-looking outfits. But the boys should be able to pull it off. Can’t wait for May 21st!

In the meantime, check out SHINee‘s Romeo instrumental version.

credits: + allkpop +dirah9302 @YT (video)

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