‘Gee’ Craze Hits Japan


Up-Front Works, a record company in Japan held an open audition looking for new talent from April 10 – 12. During the auditions, they noticed that more than 60% of the applicants performed the hit song “Gee” from Girls’ Generation. The Judges, who work as Japanese Producers, were perplexed at why so many girls were performing this song. They asked themselves, “Why do so many girls love this song so much?” In addition, they didn’t even know what “Gee” was, so like most people do… they looked it up on the internet.

After researching “Gee” on the internet, they concluded that it was an amazingly catchy song and very well produced. They also discovered that the song was done by a Korean Producing duo named E-Tribe (who also did Super Junior’s “It’s You”). So these producers contacted E-Tribe and asked him if he wanted to be a judge for an upcoming collaboration audition between Korea and Japan called ‘DaeDongKyung Girl.’ Producers from Up-Front Works have also shown interest in working with E-Tribe to try to replicate some of that catchy music craze in Japan as well.

source: allkpop

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